The Next Generation of Fundraising
Combining Gift Cards with the Power of Mobile Marketing


Discount and Scratch Off Card Fundraisers are Nothing New to the fundraising industry, yet millions of both are still sold throughout the U.S. and Canada every year. The draw back of either of these fundraisers is they are limited to the space on the card for how many merchants you can offer deals for.

One Step Up from Discount Cards is the always-Popular Gift Card. We see displays of them everywhere, Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores as well as online. When you don’t know what to get for that someone a gift card to his or her favorite store is always a winner.

There are Many Advantages of Selling Discount and Gift Cards, however a major disadvantage is the number of merchants are limited. Also, for the merchant, if the offer on a Discount Card is too good, the merchant is stuck with amount of Discount Cards that were distributed.

What if you Could Combine the Ease of Sale of Gift Cards, money off towards purchase and not BOGO's, not Low priced offers and not Percentage off deals and offer as many merchants as possible?

What if you Offered Your Fundraiser for Free and all you had to do was hand out an introductory sample card giving supporters a free test drive of your fundraiser? Just by either hanging them on your neighbor’s doors and sending them to your friends and family.

What if you Could Customize Your Own Fundraising Card in high definition graphics with your group's logo on the front in full color? Offering Top-notch professional cards that your group would be proud of. Cards even more durable than a credit card. Plus, you didn’t have any upfront fees, plate fees, artworks or design fees?

What if You Knew Who was Supporting You and you could contact them and alert them to any other fundraisers you are offering now and in the future, or alert them to a program, event, or any other opportunity coming up that you or they could benefit from?

Are You Still Reading?

Good, because our MobiPeels Peel-Off Gift Cards are just that, a fundraising Gift Card that offers multiple merchants. Each MobiPeels Peel-Off Gift Card contains 28-32 MobiPeels Mini Gift Cards treated as cash off the items you wish to purchase (no change given). The offers range from $5, $10, $20, $25, $50 and $100.

It also gives you the power to keep track of those who have called into your Toll Free Number requesting text back information, never losing out on a future sale.

How Does It Work?

To get a list of MobiPeels Merchants your prospect will call a Toll Free Number from their cell and enter the Gift Card ID.

  • 1. They'll receive a text with a link to the merchants
  • 2. Choose from a list of participating merchants
  • 3. Request the merchant's mobile redemption code
  • 4. They show both the MOBIPEELS Gift Card along with the redemption code on their phone

Your group will now have their number in your text alert program to contact them via text messages about your next fundraiser.

Program Features


  • No selling Required
  • Hand out 2,500 Free MobiPeels Peel-Off Gift Card Samples
  • Free Give away (door hangers and handouts) of our sample MobiPeels Gift Card
  • You get your own Toll Free Number
  • Creates a loyalty program for future communications to your supporters
  • We solicit your 32-50 local merchants & sponsors
  • Once they test drive they'll want to buy
  • Sell for $25/$10 profit or $35/$20 profit
  • We offer complimentary advertising to local merchants & sponsors

Merchant Features


  • No Cost
  • Add or Remove Offers 24/7
  • Built-in Loyalty Program
  • Offers Additional Advertising Opportunities

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